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Blessings Guruji

Om shri digambar namathestho chintitharth pradyani ,Om shri digambaro padma matrubhyo namaha.

It's our pleasure to share experience with you,2012-13 my father has survive from pneumonia disease at last stages no hopes for Live all medicine are now don't answers but our hopes are guruji .suddenly visit to hospital at kolhapur at the second day my fathers Health is improving that is miracle in my life I see lots of miracle blessings all words are not matching cause guruji are Our family back bone there why my family will stand happy my grand mother also age of since running 89 years now ,her life fully devoted to Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai It's my opinion the god is on earth only we are chanalise to our life in such devotion to sacrifice to achieve Happiness in life. My hole family is praying for guruji giving good health and life and give us good guidance, in future Thank you.

- Ar Prasad Nidsosi

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