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The greatest weakness of man is fear of death

When I was studying in M.Sc. final year, my father Dundappa Kanamadi died in the year 1970.  Subsequently I completed my M.Sc.   Soon after that I got the job in RLS Science institute Belgaum.   When I had been to Karnatak University Dharwad in December for the convocation to get my M. Sc degree, I miraculously escaped from an accident. Since then I had an intuition that “I will die in an accident “. While this fear was there in my mind, my brother Dr. Gangadhar Kanamadi unfortunately died in a motorcycle accident.  So, this created a lot of disturbance in my mind and my fear of death gripped me.   I was in search of a power which would help me and give a solution to this issue.  I felt it was impossible. Fortunately I was transferred to Kadasiddeshwar College Hubli. One day my friends Dr Neginahal and Shri Gourashetty invited me to Hosur to meet Padmatai. After Lord Dattatreya appeared through Padmatai, my doubts were cleared.   He told me “Pray to your Goddess. You can survive”. After two three visits, I requested the power (which used to appear through Padmatai,) i.e. Dattatreya to save me from the death. Further details are mentioned in Shri Dattaswaroopi Padmatai Charitre.

The journey in the Service of Padmatai and Lord Dattatreya 

 After my survival, I wanted to be her follower.  During my visit, to my great  surprise, I saw Bhasma oozing continuously from Bhasma Kunda.   During Datta Jayanti while prayers were going on, Padmatai took out Rudrakshi   from her mouth and showed it to everybody.   I was witness for many such miracles.  On certain occasions mother used to take bath at night around ten o’clock and sit in the pooja square (i.e.  present sanctum sanctorum in Hosur Mandir).  After sometime  Gandha oozed  from  her body.  She had a tall personality and used to look like a great sage. During the time, the verbal power used to be with her for hours.  Once there were 78 disciples and Lord Dattatreya’s father Atri Maha Muni’s verbal power appeared.   That power told us the achievements of Padmatai and how much she has attained in the direction of being a Siddhi Purusha.

On another occasion Dr. Mallikarjun Sindagi was present with me.  He had written a book on Sant Shishunala Sharief.   Lord Dattatreya told “I would like to bless eight persons by giving ‘Shivaleelamruta-One faced Rudrakshi’.  That will be given to those persons who want it”.  One day in the morning at 6.10 AM, Dattaswaroopi Padmatai was in sanctum sanctorum and by chance I was there too. I requested her to bless me with Shivaleelamruta Rudrakshi.  Padmatai immediately sat in the sanctum sanctorum and she touched with her right hand finger on the top of her head. Within a second there appeared Shivaleelamruta Rudrakhsi in her fingers.  She gave it to me and I swallowed it. Probably I may be the only person to have received it.

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai
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Journey continued with  Padmatai after her samadhi

After witnessing many miracles, of Lord Padmatai, through Datta incarnation, I decided to write first Padmatai Charitre. With great odds and difficulties, I could complete it. Thus, a bond between me and my Guru Dattaswaroopi Padmatai began.  I used to get constant guidance from her indirectly to be her follower and also of Lord Dattatreya. It was not easy to be a follower of Dattaswaroopi Padmatai and Lord Dattatreya. I underwent several tests indirectly without my knowledge. Earlier she tried to guide several people but they did not succeed.  To follow her and search Lord Dattatreya, one has to see unforeseen forces. Thus, our relation went on strengthening.  Many a times, she used to tell “I have intention to come to your house”.I appealed, “No No, you should not come to my home because you have several followers earlier to me”. Once I invited Guruji to my house. When she was at the doorsteps, myself and my wife performed  ‘Pada Pooja’.  While she was at our home, the incarnation of Lord Datta appeared.  

I asked Lord that “Anyway Padmatai is leaving this world much earlier to us.  Prior to that kindly show the light for our life in the future ”. The power said  “you will get verbal power in future ”.

Vidyadharatheertha Guruji with Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai

Frogs took me to Germany

Though Guruji (Dattaswaroopi Padmatai) indirectly told me not to get transferred to my native place Athani , I still had opted for it. But overnight the order was cancelled.  I was transferred to RLScience Instt. Belgaum.  By the time, I had my PhD Degree and applied for the post of Reader in Zoology in Karnatak University.  I was appointed and joined in 1984 as a Reader in Zoology.

My life continued with my teaching, my research work at University and following the directions of Guruji.  Luckily, I had an able research student, Shri C R Hiremath who decided to work in the field of Bio Acoustics. We used to record the calls of the voices of frog and Mr. Hiremath used to assist me as and when he wanted. Surprisingly, in the year 1990’s I wrote a letter to Prof Hans Schneider of University of Bonn at Germany requesting him to send his work in the field of Bio-Acoustics. In my letter I mentioned that, in the Karnataka University campus, had 13 different types of frogs (species). He was surprised that in whole Europe 13 species are not available. Hence he suggested a joint work and sent a letter offering us facilities in his laboratory. Luckily, I could get DAAD Fellowship (Indo German Exchange program) and under that program I went to University of Bonn in 1991. I worked there in the laboratories and had very good material for the publications. Subsequently in the year 1997, I was invited again to continue the Bio Acoustics works of frogs

Vidyadharatheertha Guruji at Germany

The Verbal Power and The Sannidhi in existence

In the year 1992, the verbal power supposed to be that of Lord Padmatai started appearing through me. I tested in the presence of Shri C. R. Hiremath and Shri C. R. Patil.  Thus the journey towards establishing Sannidhi began. Guruji asked us to perform programs like Datta Jayanti for which I once did not co-operate.  Consequently we suffered a lot. In the subsequent year, I performed Datta Jayanti and started following the directions of Padmatai. People and the disciples used  to approach me in University campus and they used to get solutions. Guruji instructed  me to purchase a minimum 3 acres of land and  establish an Ashram. As a result land was purchased in the village of Kyarkoppa near Dharwad  where the present Sannidhi Ashram is built. In the year 1996 when I used to sit in the laboratory in the evening, Guruji dictated one chapter every day for 10 days.  Hence 3rd book on Padmatai Charitre got published. The second book was published in 1989.  It contains whatever I heard from Lord Dattatreya incarnation. Today we have a biographical treatise on Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai as  ‘DATTASWARUPI PADMATAI CHARITRE’

When I wanted to construct house in Dharwad, Guruji said “Don’t construct the house, instead establish an Ashram. If you don’t obey my words, I will not allow to stay in your home”. Thus, Sannidhi Ashram got established in the year 1999.  Guruji named me as Vidyadharateertharu which I did not accept, because it requires huge attainment. Only the future days can decide the worth of it.

Since the establishment of Ashram, it is functioning on Sundays of every week and open to the public.

 Homa (Agni) is performed and Poornahuti offered every day for the last five years as per the directions of Dattaswarupi Padmatai. Now the ashram is totally under her control and we follow her directions. It is for the people to get their issues/ problems solved.

There is nothing that cannot be done.  She is the greatest power.   It is difficult to explain.   It is for the people to get the solutions by their dedication, commitment and efforts towards her.

I entered this field at the age of 29, (in the year 1976). Since then I have led 3-pronged life i.e. my family, my teaching and research and a follower of Dattaswarupi Padmatai

With all these things, I was still successful as a teacher and researcher by guiding 11 Ph. D., 5 M.Phil. Students. There are 70 odd National and International publications. My work is being cited worldwide.

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai - GuruDatta Mandir, Shri Kshetra Hosur

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Residence
Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai
Padmatai performing purnahuti
Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Gurudatta Mandir Hosur
Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai
Shri Datta Maharaj

Shri Sannidhi Ashram, Kyarkoppa, Dharwad

Vidyadharatheertha Guruji (Ravishankar D Kanamadi)
Shri Sannidhi Ashram
Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai
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