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Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Gurudatta Mandir

The Datta Mandir is located in a village called Hosur in Shiggaon taluk, Haveri district. It was constructed at the very place where Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai lived. The home in which Her Holiness performed penance, Datta puja, yajnya, and relieved numerous peoples’ pain and suffering was renovated and restored into the present day temple. The temple was opened to devotees in the year 2011. Arathi and puja are performed everyday and homa is performed on select festive occasions like Guru poornima, Datta Jayanti and Shri Datta Swarupi Padmatai Jayanti. A large Dining area with roofed structure was contructed in a separate plot opposite the temple. This serves as the Dasoha mandir for hundreds of devotees. It also contains rooms for accommodation for devotees who arrive from far off places. Visitors can reach Hosur by road from Shiggaon which is at a distance of 10 Kms or from Tadas which is at distance of 20 Kms.

Bricks laid by Lord Dattatreya

After Lord Dattatreya incarnation in Padmatai , bricks were brought to construct Pooja place . One day Padmatai and Venkatrao had gone to Hubli . When they came back next day, the present sanctum sanctorum was by itself had been arranged in the existing form and shape. In the corner between west and north walls, the bricks were arranged in the form of steps and a platform was formed,  which ieven today has not been altered. Lord Dattatreya asked to form a Bhasma Kunda on the left of the Pooja platform. From 1964 upto 5-6 years after departure of Padmatai, the Bhasma used to come in the Bhasma Kunda and then it stopped.

One fine day Lord Dattatreya said that , a Audumbur tree will appear in the backyard of the house. As per his words , the Audumbur tree appeared next day and Pooja was performed . The Audumbur tree after a certain stage of growth remained static till the existing temple was built . After the temple construction , the tree did not survive and the present Audumbur had to be planted newly .

As per the orders of Dattatreya , a homa kunda was constructed next to the steps  in the sanctum sanctorum and even today it is existing in front of Padmatai’s idol which has never been opened after its closure .

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Mandir old Garbhagudi

After HER departure

One or two years after her departure, disciples stopped coming and there was a conflict between disciples and family members. Subsequently, the Pooja activities were stopped. However, Venkatrao Kulkarni used to celebrate Datta jayanti every year until some time. Even during this period , Bhasma used to appear in the Bhasma kunda. Venkatrao had difficulty in arranging money for the marriage of last 2 daughters, however the disciples together performed their marriage ceremony.

             The house and land property which was in the name of last daughter Nalini was transferred to Shri Shankar (step son of Padmatai) with the intention that he will continue to perform the Pooja activities regularly . However things were not performed as expected. Meanwhile Shri Vallabha Chaitanya (who was earlier called as Shri Vallabha ) son of Venkatrao Kulkarni’s elder brother came to Hosur and started performing the Pooja of Goddess Gayatri . He was there for 3 years and during which period, he celebrated Datta Jayanti as well. People thought that, he will continue all Pooja activities in Hosur Datta Mandir . He requested Shri Shankar to transfer the house in his name so that he will continue to stay in Hosur, but Shri Shankar did not agree and asked him to quit. Subsequently Shri Vallabh established his own Gayatri Tapobhoomi in Tadas cross and he was named as Shri Vallabha Chaitanya thereafter. 

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Residence

Dattaswarupi Padmatai Seva samithi Trust and Establishing of new Padmatai-Gurudatta Mandir at Shri Kshetra Hosur

After Shri Vallabh's exit , Shankar continued Pooja activities to a certain extent . Somehow he made up his mind to give it to Shri Sannidhi ashram as a gift . In this regard, communication between Dr Sudha Nagarkatti and Shri Shankar did not yield expected results . During this period, I, Dr Kanamadi used to visit regularly to Hosur Datta mandir as a normal person. While one such visit,  Shri Shankar told me, that he will transfer this property for the construction of Datta Mandir. However on this property, Shri Shankar had a loan of 2.5 lac rupees and he asked me to clear the loan and also get him a house constructed on the side of existing temple to which I agreed . Accordingly we formed a trust named Shri Dattaswarupi Seva Samithi trust and collected the funds by the members of the committee and cleared the loan of the property . The property was transferred to the trust . As per our words, we constructed house for Shankar and the opening ceremony expenditures were also borne by the trust only. The property was cleared for the construction of the existing temple . Dr Sudha Nagarakatti  sold her house and donated  all the money from the sales ie  13 lac rupees to the Trust for the construction of the temple . Bhoomi pooja of the temple was performed in 2010 and thus the construction of temple started . Unfortunately, our engineer and Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai devotee Shri Ramu Patil, son of Shri C R Patil met with a motorcycle accident and expired. So the construction was halted for sometime. Guruji at this stage gave me a message , stating that, “A sanyasi has to visit this place so that further construction will be smooth“. After the visit of the sanyasi Shrikanandateertha Swamiji of Sadguru Ashram, Chitradurga, the construction work resumed. Disciples donated generously and the money poured from all corners for the construction. The construction started with the seed money of 13 lac rupees , but we could spend 32,01,000 rupees by the generosity of disciples . Thus, the temple got established.

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Mandir Construction
Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Mandir Construction

The temple architecture

Sanctum Sanctorum

The wall behind the Platform on the west and wall adjoining to it on North are still retained . The Platform  that was formed during Padmatai times is still retained at the same place. The Homa Kunda still exists but closed with a Stone slab and now in front of the Homa kunda lies Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai idol . Seated next to her is Lord Dattatreya where he used to be since HER days

The Bhasma Kunda now closed is still existing on to the left of Lord Datta idol. The self formed Padukas on the stone slab are placed in front of Lord Datta and Padmatai. The place outside the Sanctum Sanctorum is a Hall housing the New Homa Kunda just outside the Sanctum Sanctorum entrance.There is a prakara around the sanctum sanctorum. One the rightside of the Sanctum Sanctorum is the west side South side entrance / exit to the Backyard where currently the Kitchen has been constructed and small area for dining is maintained. Just further is the Audumbara vruksha . Next to it is the house for temple priest


The gopura is of similar architecture as Kolhapur Mahalaksmi temple gopuram .


The main entrance to the east is having a huge entrance with carved teak wood doors. The top front of the temple is decorated with Lord Datta and Shri Dattswarupi Padmatai Idols

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Gurudatta Mandir


The present Shri Kunj bhavan site earlier was owned by a Savaji family . Whenever Dattaswarupi Padmatai was in difficulties , she used to mortage  her articles with that family . After the Dattaswaroopi Padmatai departure , I personally along with others went and visited that family and requested to return Silk Saree that was mortagaged with them by Padmatai as we were ready to give the money , but the lady of that house did not agree . Since that time I had some kind of intention on that property , but I did not pray for it . By this time that property was sold to others by Savaji family and they left Hosur to Hubli.

Now the property was in the name of two people , but somehow I had intention to purchase that property for the sake of Dasoha hall and also for the purpose of a shelter who visit Hosur data mandir . I was penniless and also the members of the trust did not have the capacity to purchase that property. Somehow the owner of two gunta land came forward to sell the property . So I thought I should not leave this opportunity . I should remember at this stage , Dr Mallikarjunappa and his sons who donated 50% of the amount . And I should also remember Shri Harsha neelgund who was my MPhil student who gave me a loan of 1.5 lac and later he donated that money s a gift to purchase the property. The remaining amount was arranged by me . Thus the 2 gunta corner plot was purchased . The remaining one more gunta was purchased later. This is the most unexpected event in my life . Somehow we began to construct Toilet and bathrooms in that place.

We started the construction with the seed money of 6.5 lac rupees , but we could spend nearly 40 lac rupees with generous donation by the disciples. There was no plan to construct the present Dasoha hall.By the end of construction of toilets, bathrooms and a two rooms for temple priest . At that time , as my will was fulfilled , I went to Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple to offer my prayers . When I was taking pradkshina , at the backside of temple I said in my mind that I prayed Mahalakshmi in my mind stating that , till Dasoha hall is not completed I will not come to Darshan . Exactly after 10 days , I was there in that temple after the complete construction of the present Dasoha hall at Hosur .

Since from 29years of my age , with Darshan of Shri Datta swarupi Padmatai till growth of Sannidhi ashram, construction of temple , the story runs along till the end of my life and continues by her and Dattatreaya’s blessings .

Vidyadharateertha Guruji did not perform Guru Poornima till the construction of Hosur Datta mandir . After the construction of Datta Mandir , we began to celebrate Guru Poornima at Hosur . Every year Varshikotasava is being perfomed at Hosur in the memory of construction of Datta Mandir , and Datta Jayanti. The second day of Datta Jayanti at Hosur is important since from the Shri Datta Swarupi Padmatai times and Datta Homa is being perfomed.

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai prayed Lord Dattatreya that your presence is there worldwide . You have crores of disciples. But my wish is that you should look at the world by being in Hosur. But not look at the Hosur by being outside in other places

Thus Hosur is now Shri Kshetra Hosur a holy place of Lord Dattatreya and Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai a Jagruth sthana providing solace and peace and prosperity to all the devotees seeking blessings from this temple

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Mandir Old Garbhagudi
Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai
Shri Datta Maharaj
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