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Shri Sannidhi Ashram 

Establishing Ashram at Kyarkoppa (in Vidyadharateerta Guruji words)

The verbal  power as assured by Lord Dattatreya started appearing in 1992, however it was not made public. Only few people used to visit my home and got their work done. This continued for a long time. During this period, the power asked me to perform homa in my home,  (University Staff quarters). Shri C R Patil and his family members always co-operated with me. I was ordered that every time during homa, there should be dasoha for atleast 50-60 people. In 1995, the number of disciples grew. All were happy with the blessings of Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai. We started performing Datta Jayanti and Padmatai Jayanti. For all these celebrations, I never obtained money from anybody. Somehow I used to manage the expenditures . My financial condition was not that good and it was just hand to mouth living . At this time, I started to write the third volume  of Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai Charitre. At this stage, everyday one chapter was written as per the dictation of Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai. It is hard for me to believe how I used to get the communication from Her. At this stage Guruji ordered me to purchase minimum 3 acres of land for the sake of Ashrama in Dharwad. I placed this view in front of the disciples and they started donating money. There was a lab assistant called Shri Jambayya Agadi in my department , who had a land in Kyarkoppa which he wanted to sell it. I came to know this and I paid initial amount for this purpose. I was to collect a total of 160000 Rupees. The disciples collected 130000 rupees. For the remaining I thought to sell a plot in Hoysala nagar Dharwad and I prayed that if somebody purchases the land at 70000 rupees, I would be ready to sell out.and with that money, I would complete the purchase of the land. Next day a client came forward and was ready to purchase for 70000 rupees only. Immediately I accepted it. Thus land was purchased in Kyarkoppa for sake of Ashrama.

                             It was a barren hilly area and every one used to laugh at me asking "how are you going to develop this". One day at 1'o clock Guruji told me to name the ashram as Shri Sannidhi . By this time, the third volume of Padmatai Charitre was completed and printed. After the purchase of the land, the development work started steadily. Dr Sudha Nagarakatti donated initial amount and with that money we could dig the well. A small room (a shed which is currently the kitchen of Dasoha) was initially constructed and thus Ashram construction started.

                              We had lot of difficulties to collect the funds. Shri C R Patil was the main moral support for the construction of Ashram. By 1999 initial building was completed and it was inaugurated by performing Daiva Yaga homa. Since then, every Sunday there used to be Dasoha in Sannidhi ashram. Every morning, I came to Ashram all the way from University and perform the Pooja. It was very difficult for me to cope up with my job. Then I thought of constructing my own house. After the completion of my home I thought of shifting myself from University to Shri Sannidhi Ashram and shifted in the 2000. From then onwards, Sannidhi Ashram began to function in the year 2000.

                                    Homa was  performed on every Sunday in Ashram. In the early days we used to get water supplied  by the tankers from Dharwad. I must remember and appreciate Shri Srinath Reddy of Kalyan nagar  Dharwad who used to supply the water at no cost. Later with the help of donation from Dr Sudha Nagarkatti a four inch bore was dug. A disciple by the name Shri Gunda from Athani came forward to fix 1 HP submersible pump. With all the support from people, we could get our own source of water, and since then the Ashram started functioning in a sustainable way. I must appreciate dedication, devotion of my wife Smt Gangutai who used to be alone in the 4.5 acres area of Sannidhi Ashram. My whole family and family of C R Hiremath was back bone in establishing Shri Sannidhi.

Shri Dattaswarupi Padmatai
Audumbur and shivling

Shri Sannidhi Ashram - A birds Eye view


Shri Sannidhi is located at Kyarkoppa village, about 5 kms from Dharwad. It is the second abode of Shri Datta Swarupi Padmatai. Sannidhi as we all devotees call it, was started in the year 1999.

 The Ashram was to be built from ground up. It was a monumental task to make roads, erect light poles, and establish the temple and to construct auxillary facilities like Dasoha kitchen and dining area, etc. A borewell was installed to provide 24x7 water to the premises and the adjoining mango farm . Dedicated sanitation facilities were constructed. Every care was taken to provide all the basic amenities to the visiting devotees.

The Ashram also houses the residence of Shri Vidyadharatheertha Guruji and Shiva Bhavan. Significant portions of land are populated by mango trees and coconut grove. A separate parking area is provided for the visitors’ vehicles.

The temple is the spiritual centre of Shri Sannidhi Ashram. It contains a large 1600 square feet roofed area dedicated to the Homa Kunda. Homa is performed everyday. Visitors are allowed to attend the Homa every Sunday which begins at 7:30 AM. Arathi is performed three times a day. Anna Dasoha is carried out and freshly prepared prasadam is served to devotees at the dining area.

Visitors can reach Shri Sannidhi by road through government run buses that shuttle from Dharwad CBT  every hour. Please visit "How to Reach" link below for more details

Devotees at Shri Sannidhi Ashram
Shri Sannidhi Ashram
Basma Kund
Madhukari Prasad at Shri Sannidhi Ashram

Programmes at Shri Sannidhi Ashram

Main Programmes

Taayi Aradhane – Celebrated before the day of Shivarathri on the Dwadashi day

Taayi jayanti – Celebrated on Nagara Amavasya day as per Hindu calendar

Datta Jayanti – Celebrated on the day before of Hocchchala Hunnime in both Sannidhi and Padmatai-Gurudatta Mandir at Hosur

The Dasoha is performed in Shri Kshetra Hosur on the next day

Other programmes 

Sankranti, Shivratri,

Yugadi ishwar Pooja,

Akshya tritya ,

Ganesh Chanturthi  - The pooja is performed specially at 12.00 AM on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi

Dasara , Sheegi Hunnime,  Deepavali.

Theidol is placed for 14 days , but Ganesha communicates with Guruji and says he does not want to go. Hence sometimes the visarjana of Ganapathi willl be delayed 

Darshan and Aarti timings

Every day Homa with Purnahuti is perfomed between 8-9 AM in the morning

Devotees can visit the Ashram during time 


Morning between 8 AM - 9 AM  -

Homa and Purnahuti

Afternoon - between 12 noon to 1.30 PM 

Suvarna Swaranjali and Aarthi

1.30 PM to 2.30 PM

Vaani from Shri Guru Dattaswarupi Padmatai communication to devotees where in devotees can ask solutions to their problems and issues


The Anna prasada is a customary important tradition that all Datta temples across the world consider an utmost important aspect of devotion to Lord Dattatreya. Accordingly in Ashram too we practice Madhukari Prasad distribution in Dasoha on Sundays

Morning - Light Breakfast with tea - 9.00 AM to 9.30 AM

Afternoon  - Lunch between 1.00 PM to 3 PM

Preparing Madhukari Prasad
Shri Sannidhi Ashram Gudli Pooja
Shri Sannidhi Ashram
Abhishek to Shivlinga by Vidyadharatheertha Guruji and Devotees
Audumbur and shivling
Top View Of Shri Sannidhi Ashram
Audumbar Vruksha
Devotees at Shri Sannidhi Ashram
Hearing Vani through Vidyadhaaratheertha Guruji
Devotee doing krama
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