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History of Shri 

History of Shri Sannidhi Ashram and Dr. R.D Kanamadi

Photo 6_sannidhi campusShri Sannidhi Ashram is the name of param pujya guruji Shri Datta Swarupi  Padmatai (Mother) was established in the year 2000 at Kyarkoppa village,Dharwad taluk, Dharwad district.It is situated at the outskirts of Dharwad city at a distance of  11 km from Dharwad bus stand. It is also the residence of Dr R.D.Kanamadi and his family since  inception of  the Ashram. Dr Kanamadi who worked as professor of Zoology and head of the Zoology department at Karnataka University, Dharwad retired from his services during 2008. At present he is working as a visiting Professor, at Karnataka University, Dharwad.

Dr R.D.Kanmadi met Padmatai for the first time during 1976 in connection with personal problems.  At the first meeting itself, he got astonished about Mother’s super power and Lord Guru Datta. After meeting Padmatai he could witness many unbelievable miracles. He use to critically analyze each activity as a scientist himself and got convinced and developed faith in Mother Padmatai and Lord Dattatrya.  Bhasma (holy dry ash) use to ooze in the pit made for it. He was happy that people from all walks of life belonging to any community were welcomed by the mother without the scope for any kind of discrimination of the caste and creed. Dr. Kanamadi himself is an example of it. He began to visit Hosur often and use to meet Guruji Padmatai. In 1978 Dr. Kanamadi was trying to get UGC fellowship for his Doctoral studies but getting the seat was a remote possibility. Guruji promised him  that he will get the fellowship,as per the blessings he got it. Since then Dr.Kanamadi had made his mind to serve the Guruji throughout his life.  Later in 1978 he wrote a book titled “ Datta Swarupi Padmatai Charitre