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Miracles of Padmatai experienced by Dr. Sudha Nagarkatti

Experience (1) :

My mother Indirabai Nagarkatti when her daughter's marriage was fixed she approached Padmatai at Hosur and asked about the marriage to be celebrated without any hinderance. Padmatai gave one lemon and asked her to keep in one box and return the same after every work regarding marriage is done. Indirabai after marriages of three daughters in one year she took the steel box with that lemon and went to Hosur. When she opened the box the lemon was turned into SHIVALINGA and now still i am worshiping the shivalinga. This is the first miracle which i saw.

Experience (2) :

Dr. Galagali and myself went to Hosur to ask about hospital as patients were less and hospital was not running properly. Then she told something will come after 43 minutes, It should not to be disclosed to anybody except you both. C R Patil was wandering here and there to see which thing will come and at the same time after 43 minutes in Aartitatti a big SALIGRAM was appeared. Dr Galagali took it and kept inside his pocket, though C R Patil was there only he was unaware of the thing which appeared. These are the miracles which i have seen.

- Dr. Sudha .L. Nagarkatti

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